Love is…


There’s a different kind of feeling that prevails
As old as the stars and the moon, every bit as mysterious and intriguing
A blend of innocence and pure mirth, just like the nimble flutter of a butterfly’s wings, or the cool breeze playing with a strand of your silken tresses.
Magical, like the sparkle in his brown eyes.
Something a mother would give up her life for
Something that could bring back a guy from the brink of despair

It is astounding. Mesmerising. Exquisite. Intricate.
Unique. Misleading. Definitely volatile. Short-lived.
But exist it does
People call it a reason for living
The foundation on which mankind has been built up, over the generations


It lights up the darkest alley, brings out a beam of sunlight on a cloudy day
Makes you move mountains, lights up a fire in your tepid hearts.
Strengthens you to face your biggest fear. Weakens you to not survive a day without it
Ostentatious or dormant, it never goes away
It is something even death can’t claim

Love could be friendship, joy, laughter, sacrifice, a touch, a spark, prayer, lust, passion, a sly gaze or thousands of words
It may be resolute as steel or light flirtations
It could last a lifetime, maybe more; break your heart into a thousand pieces
It is a risk. A gamble one can never be too careful at.
Ignore it or embrace it, you cannot deny it.
Once it touches your life, you are never the same again.

People sing songs in praise of it. Mortals condemn it to hell
But, at the end of the day, love is something each and every one dreams to fall into.


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