Food For Thought

You are what you imagine yourself to be
Nothing more, nothing less
Doesn’t matter if you have the heart of a lion and the courage to move mountains
Nothing is of any use until you believe in it

It’s so damn easy to drift away, I’m telling you
So damn easy to hate. Make someone feel worthless, as if they don’t deserve that piece of earth they stand on
Maybe that’s what they call breaking the will

The amusing part is, majority of the people are always in search of someone to look up to
A leader maybe…
And leaders recognise calibre the moment they lay their eyes on one
All leaders strive for power, for control
Maybe that’s the reason only one prevails, the strongest of them.
A lone king, the sole alpha of the pack

Know what? Individual thinking is rare!!
And volatile as well. If you don’t use it, you lose it.

Not everyone is born to be a leader
Yeah right. Period

But, for those of you who think you are – always remember
BELIEVE. No one other or better than your own self
Be prepared to stand alone, brave the odds, and face rejection, criticism or even alienation.
Don’t underestimate or doubt yourself. It’s the greatest sin

The horizon belongs to him who has the nerve to forsake his comforts and jump off the cliff, believing that his strong wings would lift him up, and place him in the skies
Now is my time, and I am not afraid anymore

Take flight!! Take control!!
It’s in you, it’s your destiny
A leader you are, and a leader you’ll always be…


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