Yeah, I felt…

The surprise in my head when u said u wanna leave
The sting in my thoughts when ur serious face said that this was the last goodbye
The disbelief as I frantically tried to unhear those hateful words
That splinter in my chest, as my heart broke along the edge, a part drifting away, like you, never to return again…

Yes, I did…

Try moving on as if nothing had happened
Scold myself every single time I wondered if u were thinking of me too
Try being angry at u- for that promise of urs that said u would always be with me
Make an attempt to throw ur stuff away, but always ended up putting it off for another day…

Yes, I have…

Been back to those places where we used to meet
Gotten drunk and screamed ur name till I could barely breathe
Felt my feet give way as I collapsed on my knees sobbing
When all that was there with me was the wind whistling through the trees…

But now, I will…

Be strong and lead a life- without you
Resolve to never trust so blindly, ever again
Stop jeopardizing what I still have with the grief for something that was never mine to begin with
Remember you each day- and never shed a tear
Forsake my love, but never demean my dignity and pride.


4 thoughts on “Unabashed

  1. oh I know these words well…
    I say them at least twice a day….
    you have crafted a haunting picture within words…
    I will enjoy wandering within your thoughts….for your words feel
    very real…
    Take Care…
    (yes…this poem is amazing)


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