Like the name suggests – A far cry from reality.

A brainchild of ur subconscious, they kinda help u face facts.

In this world, there’s real, and there’s make-believe

Illusions are a blend of the two.

They are not real enough to be true.. But aren’t fake enough to let u live in peace

like a double-edged sword, which a few can handle

Illusions Fascinate. Enthrall. Encourage. Excite.

Make u sleep in peace.. Tear ur heart to pieces.

Give u strength. Weaken ur resolve.

Illusions seem sweet.. Preferred. Just like the lie that brings a smile on d face, to the truth that begets tears.

People say big words. They say – “Reality is an illusion.”

little do they know what they talk about

Illusion is reality

Look around, you’ll finds loads of it

Parents under the illusion that their only child studies, while he spends the night snorting cocaine

Wife under the illusion that her husband loves her so much, while he’s out seeking comfort in unknown arms

Patients under the illusion that they are gonna make it; while the reaper sets out to harvest their souls

Parent’s love, sibling’s care, spouse’s trust, friend’s faith, child’s belief, mentor’s support – Beware!!

At the end of the day, illusion is all it is

N illusions don’t last. they fade away.

Just like he did. yeah..

And know what? Nothing’s been real ever since…



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