Lovestruck!!! :) :) :) :) :)

Who wants a Mr. Perfect? I toh am in love with d way he argues..

A shiny BMW? Naah! The best thing is to feel the wind in my hair on the bike. Plus, we zip thru traffic easily. Plus I get to hug him… 🙂

Why should he be the sole breadwinner? My parents have educated me enough to fend for myself

Who wants a cricket fan?? men are sexier when they play football. 😉

A ready-made grown up and mature guy would actually sap the fun out of learning and growing together. He’s allowed to make his share of mistakes. Waise bhi, I don’t want a surrogate dad; just someone who loves me..

Who needs an alpha? I’ve got an ego big enough for the two of us.

Okay, it wud b gr8 to have a diamond ring. But the teddy bear he got me by saving his rickshaw money for a month, is precious n oh so cuddly!

Why shud money be the only deciding factor?? He doesn’t date me on the basis of my boob size alone, does he?? Wait- he doesn’t, right?? o_O

Why cant two people be different and yet complement each other?? Toast and cheese spread have contrasting textures, but look how gr8 dey go together!!

Put him to the test?? Just the fact that I get pick n drop services anywhere, anytime, despite his personal undertakings, is proof enough. Besides, if he stands for an hour and 20 mins, does nothing but wait for u n still doesn’t get mad at u, do u really need yet another proof??

Commitment is a real bitch to decide. But, a guy, who doesn’t move his cramped arm for an hour just coz u r asleep n he’s holding u wit it, deserves to be considered the forever stuff wid…

Who wants a prince charming?? I’ve got a funny boy with a badass guitar, n dat’s even better!!


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