Stuff that nightmares are made of:-

  • Incontinence
  • Being kidnapped and subsequently sold off to a brothel
  • Lizards, frogs…
  • Failing in final exam
  • Losing your self esteem for someone who couldn’t care less
  • Being flayed
  • Watching loved ones die
  • Some motherfucker hacking your personal accounts
  • Claustrophobia
  • The love of your life fucking somebody else
  • Having a stone for a heart

That gnawing feeling of fear while travelling alone after twilight
Pretending to be deaf as some roadside romeo says “Kya maal hai!!”
Being scarred for life just cause some bastard had a twisted standpoint of being a man

Turning on the news channel; watching the filthy depths of cruelty the sexual perversion of some people can and does take them to
And shuddering whilst realization dawns that it could easily have been your own self or a girl friend in d victim’s place

Predominantly Molestation and Rape

Living in a world which strips nursery rhymes and its singers of their innocence
And the plans to bring one’s own child in such a world

What are nightmares made of??

Pandals and mobs

Penises and steel rods

And that’s what nightmares are made of..


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