She is clucky, she is petite
She is plump, with a rosy face

She walks with a swaying gait
tosses her head from side to side
She cares for her chicks, her family
values love over dignity and pride

She belongs to a cock solely, and she believes
the reverse to be true, until she finds
her rooster with another hen so dainty
copulating furiously in broad daylight

When confronted, he’s arrogant and vile
A dinner of blows, she reluctantly dines
To stop the beatings met out to her chicks
her sex, a pacifier, to give, she tries

From that day on, dreams are lost
something inside of her just dies
Though broken inside, she paints a smile
The truth from the world, she tries to hide

Broaches that topic, gets beaten up again
to avoid further shame, clears away with a stride
hides behind a shed and watches, in stoic silence
as the rooster battles yet another hen to gain his place of pride


P.S : This poem is the voice of millions of females who silently suffer physical and emotional abuse. Many accept it as a part of lives due to helplessness and despair. This is an effort to bring forth this evil that lurks in our society, in the homes of ur friends, behind the closed door next to urs.

Guys, know that its not cool to raise ur hand on a girl. Respect girls, just as u would like ur mom n sis to be respected.

Girls, know that it is ur right and moral responsibility to stop accepting such abuses as a part of living. The only one who can save u is ur own self. Let no one kill the fire that burns in you. 

Speak out! more importantly, help those who speak out. They need courage. They need YOU..


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