The greener side…

In enters that girl – heading straight to the front row
Not an ounce of apprehension does she show!
How those auburn curls frame her perfect face!
and the freckles only add to her feminine grace!
Her svelte curves are to die for…
How pretty are those shoes with them perfect pink bows!
She asks aloud her intelligent doubts, oblivious to the world…
Her parents would be so proud to call her their girl!!
Swathed in perfection, happiest she must be
Oh God! She has everything I ever wanted in me!!!


The other side…

Damn!The class is full – its that first bench again..
How utterly awkward it is to attract attention whilst late!
My mane betrayed me – these wretched auburn curls!!
The pathetic feeling aggravated by them freckles and sunburns.
Cute dresses always seem too big for my lanky frame
These shoes give me nothing but cramps and pain
Would these people find my questions inane??
I must study, lest I let my parents down again..
I wonder if there is a soul sadder than me
Oh God! Give me the strength to be a better me!!


Photograph Courtesy- V-Nod


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