He Said…

He said he’ll hold onto the batman poster I had bought him with my first ever salary when we were young and reckless
That every time he hears the song “Mirrors” he is reminded of us and what we once were. But he knows that its just wishful thinking, so ends up listening to The Script and Lifehouse instead.

He said he still feels the shivers of that night, and chuckles when he sees the scars my nails had left on his back.
That he would give up smoking for good if I stop cutting myself up.

He said he’ll remember me every time he breathes, and its my name he’ll scream as he climaxes inside the body of another woman.

That I would scale the heights of success and roll in wealth.
That I would be blessed with another man who would love me, but surely never as much as he did..

…that I wasn’t a someone singled from the crowd, but a prayer answered by the heavens.
That I could never even begin to understand the pain this would cause him.

But he said I would get through. He would make sure I do. He’ll lift me up once again and shield me from that which gave me wings to fly; the only thing that has the power to break me beyond repair – HIS OWN SELF

That he shall fulfill all his promises, save the one that always said he won’t ever leave.
The time has come for us to separate, and he’ll be mine in some other lifetime.

I’d rather fast forward myself to that lifetime, than live this one without him.


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