Repercussions of Insomnia…

Some days when everyone who speaks seems like an unwelcome distraction; the drone of voices threatens to drive you crazy.

I want someone to tell me that I don’t need to choose between what I have, and what I want. That this wishful thinking of mine is feasible; that together we can be happy. AND in love. AND compatible. AND perfect friends.

Reaching a point in life where the woman who gave me birth is the one I wanna run away from. Every word of hers hits like hailstones on a tin roof

I want to go to sleep and wake up in some other world. Some other lifetime.

The quest for perfection is maddening. Expectations crush so hard one cannot help but tag others along to share the burden.

Those years of late night conversations kinda made me habitual to sleeping late. Now, they evade me.  And so does sleep.

Lyrics: You Found Me-The Fray


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