While you have Time on your Side…

Say sorry when you know u should be
Quit abstract abusing
Value him/her
Leave that damn phone alone wen with them!!
Make that phone call for apology again and again and yet again

Fucking give it all you’ve got, for when a relationship ends, what a person remembers above all is the treatment they were given; The treatment they gave…
The self respect they got back; The self esteem they managed to shatter…
That self-accepting smile that adorns their face; Those self-loathing tears they gave which just won’t stop…

The worst part of breaking up isn’t memories. Its the regret that you didn’t be the man/woman they really deserved…
Mend it while you still can..


7 thoughts on “While you have Time on your Side…

  1. It takes a min to fall for them.. and you call it ” Love at first sight”
    It takes even lesser to leave them just like that.. and you call it ” Compatible Issues between”
    Did you ever thought what it really tales to hold that very beautiful relation? #Respect
    Respect for both.. Respect for the things they do for you..
    As you said, all that we remember is ” How we made them felt”
    Nice words, I believe they are definitely out of frustration

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