Let Images do the talking, babe!

Lately, I had been having one of those outrageously ground-breaking, nerve-whacking phases of Literary Creativity!!

Writing down stuff, jotting ideas, thinking in the shower, penning down thoughts whilst travelling, etc.etc!

And all this because I found me a muse!!

Though a brief one, the interaction mysteriously made me write like there’s no tomorrow! Many old incomplete poems are now complete, and some new ideas just waiting to be given shape to!

Never really thought something so trivial could trigger something so beautiful in me!! I feel grateful and full of life..

The following are some of the JPEG images I have created, courtesy – Microsoft PowerPoint. Hope you guys like them.. (fingers crossed!) 🙂

Copper Thoughts_01

Something about the Wonder Woman you love..


Penned down whilst at a wedding


Trying to be funny 😛


A lesson learnt the hard way


Everybody is beautiful. Boxes such as religion, gender, race, MBTI etc. do nothing but limit… This is an attempt to break free


Trying to see the (occasionally obscure) silver line…


One of those days when you feel blue…


MY personal Favourite. Note to self: Get ready, soon!


Being Candid 😦

and finally…


something for the muse.. 🙂

They say a writer always benefits from any situation, be it good or bad. Simple reason being that any and every experience can be enhanced and used to compose a piece of literary beauty!

Thank you God for this ability to write. Without it, I would probably be lost.. 🙂


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