CC’s Beauty Tips (wait.. WHAT??)

The Copper Chick dispensing beauty advice!! That’s super unusual!!

I’m not what most of you people call ‘Beauty-Literate’. (Heck! I can’t even handle a liquid eye-liner!)
Not that I didn’t try though. I guess it just isn’t my forte.

This post is written because I was craving some change; Something I haven’t done on my blog before. (Keep watching this space, I lately have been full of unusual ideas!)
The following beauty tips are a mix of innovative and have-heard-before. However – all are tried and followed by me personally. See if you find anything useful. (wink!)

1.Never, Never, NEVER overlook smelling good. (said by a self-proclaimed perfume addict)

2. Make THREE your best friend. Whatever personal stuff you buy – Underwear, Bras, Panties, Slips, Boxers, Hand-kerchiefs – Always buy it in THREEs. The logic? If you are wearing the first of it and the second is in the laundry or hasn’t dried yet, you have the third to bank on. So ditch the TWO and welcome the THREE.

3. Choose your beauty products wisely. You don’t really need every lip/eye/skin product that is available in the market or which your bff uses. Also, invest in 1-2 fabulous products, instead of 5 sub-standard ones.

4. Regular eye-brow threading actually results in scantier eye-brows and damages the eye-skin. It has been 2 years since I ditched the parlor threading, and  opted for removing the excess eye-brow hair with a tweezer. I notice denser eye-brows. What’s more, it works and looks as good.

5. This one is for the girls(and guys) who regularly use eye make-up, especially kohl. While removing the make-up, don’t rub or tug at the delicate skin around your eyes. Doing so would give you wrinkles sooner. Try dabbing or patting. Also, kohl is a great light weight eye-liner for everyday wear.(Trust me on this!)

6. Coconut oil is a perfect concoction for taking off virtually any make-up. Pour some coconut oil onto a tissue or a soft cloth and wipe your face. Then, wash with your face wash. Bye Bye expensive make up removers!!

7. Since I work in the Chemical Industry, I can tell you for a fact that many beauty products from the leading brands do contain a LOT of harmful chemicals. Try using them to a minimum, or opt for herbal ones. My personal Favorite is the brand HIMALAYA

8. Put a few drops of Lavender Essential Oil into any oil and massage onto the scalp. It boosts hair growth, conditions your hair and helps you relax and sleep better. Know more about Lavender Essential Oil here

9. The moisturizer-CC Cream mixing trick is the one I swear by! My combination is Nivea Soft + Lakme CC Cream

10. Whatever you put on your face during the day, make sure you take off ALL OF IT before u sleep. Let your skin be free from products and breathe for a while.

11. Apart from the regular shit about smile and confidence being the  most important, make-up is best when it is kept to a minimum, done subtly, and enhances what you already have. (personal opinion)

12. Using fairness or tanning creams would give you temporary results. Then, your skin would revert back to its original tone. So, rather focus on keeping it healthy. And fuck those commercials who tell u otherwise.


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