Hey there, Wife-Beater

Hey there, Wife-Beater
guess you’ve had a bad day
your boss yelled, you’ve downed 5 pegs
and, the price, your wife shall pay

Hey there, Wife-Beater
bet you feel a sense of power
as you shout and break stuff
while your kids timidly count the hours

Hey there, Wife-Beater
do you think you are twisted?
when you hit the the woman
you should be making love to, instead?

Hey there, Wife-Beater
could you feel their pain??
when your boys tried to shield their mum
and took all your blows with a tear-stained face?

Hey there, Wife-Beater
where did the years go by?
Your lads are all grown up now
No more do they let your wife cry

Hey there, Wife-Beater
did you feel  betrayed?
when your sons said they hate you
and chose their mum, instead?

Hey there, Wife-Beater
do you wish you could change the past?
as you lie there, broken
and lonely, breathing your last..


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