The Prince and Princess of Friend-Zone Land

She always was the sidey. The match-maker friend of the heroine in the movie. The ‘before’ face in the cosmetic commercials.

She was too round.
Too short.
Too chubby.
Too sweet.

The Friend-Zone material; the type of girl you would watch sports with, instead of fantasize about.

No matter how hard she tried, grace was something she was miles away from.
She was hopelessly un-co-ordinated, always tripping and falling..
She was the girl the romeos would talk to, to know more about the College Queen; people befriended her to get into her bestie’s pants.

She always tried to be wittier, sexier, lovable, lust-able. She spent money and time on products and words promising to make her dateable..

She wore red lipstick and forgot to wipe it off her buck-teeth. Spent a fortune on 6-inch high heels and had her ankle twisted. Tried to woo a guy, only to have him dating her colleague. Worked hard for months in a gym and saw no change in her body. Tried to make her crush smile, but was laughed at.

She started to believe she was too goofy to be loved, and had the most mediocre and plain brown eyes one could ever have..
But not him. No Sir, never him.
He would fill pages admiring the way her eyes lit up when  she had something to say
How he loved it when her un-co-ordinated antics made her slip a step and fall right into his waiting arms.
He loved her curves, for those made her real; and loved her short stature coz when they hugged, her head sat perfectly against his beating heart

He absolutely loved the way she wove magic with her stories and poems
When her tears melted the make up off her face, he thought she was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.

Day after day he would be her friend and listen to her rant and rave about some handsome hunk who didn’t like her back, whilst he went home and penned down thoughts of making love to her for life.

The Friend-Zone, my dear, is a sweet, scary place..

Inspired by: Two people who are complete strangers; whom I have had the fortune to know on a personal level 🙂


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