25/12/2007 : Merry Christmas!! and oh! a friend request…

25/12/2008 : Wow Christmas!! and a notification saying its XYZ’s birthday. Hmm… Let’s send a message..

25/12/2009 : It’s my best friend’s Birthday!! (calls at exact 12.00 AM)

25/12/2010 : (arranging the cake and flowers) There, all set. SURPRISE!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! wait.. why do you seem so upset??

25/12/2011 : Yes, its his first birthday since he chose to walk away. Should I msg him? no. Yes. No.. Yes.. NO!.. YES!! Message sent. (writes a 10 page diary-entry)

25/12/2012 : Its his birthday. Sent an SMS. Got drunk and broke down to such an extent that my bf thinks I am in love with XYZ. (sigh!) I think I have started to hallucinate. I need a shrink..

25/12/2013 : I know its his birthday. But I ain’t messaging him. Also, have an appointment scheduled with my shrink.. The hallucinations are gone. Good though..

25/12/2014 : Its Christmas, and his birthday.. Ain’t messaging him. Must admit, I feel much better than before..(composes a poem on moving on)

25/12/2015 : Awesome Christmas time!!


01/01/2016 : (realizes that for the first time in so many years, Christmas was back to the way it used to be.)



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