2016 – So Far So Good

Disclaimer: This is a diary entry, attempted to write in the simplest of words. Not my usual style, but something I wanted to try my hand at.

2016 started with a bang. Two family get-togethers. I was gifted this beautiful brown kohl, my current favorite. Still have a hard time making both eyes match! I need to work on my skills.. Lot many unfinished errands from 2015, which will positively be finished by Feb 2016. Gotta learn to operate the drill-machine like a pro.

Went trekking for the first time with my cousin’s group. One word for the experience- AWESOME. The highlight was the Konkan Kada, and the beautiful starry sky. Watched the stars for hours, and still couldn’t get enough! Saw 7 Shooting Stars. (OMG!!)

“There’s something magical about the stars and the sea

Both never fail to amaze me…”

Went on a family trip to Ahmedabad. It was a welcome change(Hadn’t taken a total day off since mid-November 2015). The cold did make me thank my jacket. Went to the National Park; saw leopards and tigers and eagles and deer and what not (If I were a bird, I would be a Golden Eagle. They are fucking majestic, and how!)

Enrolled myself in a month-long poetry writing course from the California Institute of Arts via Coursera. Hope it helps me refine my poetry-writing skills. And some day, they shall teach about me and my poems(wishful thinking). πŸ˜› Also, gonna collaborate with one amazing writer to create an amazing poem.

Have been trying my hand at Calligraphy. Can barely write my name for now. Searching the local stores for a bottle of green ink..

One painting I had been wanting to paint since a long time; can barely find time for it. I am afraid the image in my brain would fade with time.. Also, going to collaborate with an artist friend; we would be creating something on a common theme. Cinderella still remains my favorite muse(and something what my family calls me :P)

Wonder what is it with Tuesdays. Its almost as if all the creative ideas I have are activated on this day of the week!

Caught up with the-best-man-at-my-wedding after months; caught up with my college friend and her year-old baby after almost a year(btw, I love spoiling children silly with love and sweets :D). Went for lunch after a long time this Sunday, and subconsciously ended up trying a new restaurant; something I had resolved to do every month. Time spent at the sea-side was memorable.. After my cousin is done with her exams, we are gonna watch a movie titledΒ ‘THE BOY’

Work going on great. Barely find the time to even pee.. Before I know it, the day’s gone. Have been listening to calming music. Mostly Hindi. Guitar practice is currently on hold. So is reading.

January went by in a flash. February is packed with many plans too! Working on a blog-project on Love(Valentine’s Day special) ❀ My management exams are fast approaching. Gotta start my studies..

Loving this positive streak in me. I am finally at peace with myself, content with being weird. I lately have been game for anything new. I see less of fear, more of enthusiasm. Its a welcome change from being the stressed over-thinker. Literally living the line “IF YOU NEVER TRY, YOU’LL NEVER KNOW” πŸ™‚

“Its so wonderful when life challenges your mis-conceptions in the most beautiful of ways…”

Is it just me, or does everyone feel overwhelmed by life at some point? That there is so much to do, so much to learn, so many places you haven’t seen, emotions you haven’t felt, dreams you haven’t achieved, that this one lifetime just ain’t enough for it all? πŸ™‚

Tc, B happy

The Copper Chick

Diary Entry


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