…It all depends on the person


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  1. Bonding with inner demons is again a Lil negative I feel. Let’s say u have anger as ur inner demon and I still like it in me and bond with that, then I tend to show more of it externally and internally its affecting me bad without my knowledge. So as many negative emotions . but dear.. Ru referring the same which I’m thinking.. Or may be u have a different perception. Would like to know .as always love reading ur post

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    • By inner demons, I mean those dark pieces of your soul, that you are afraid to show the world.
      Something which haunts you, like some past incidents, some people, regrets, or plain heart-ache.
      Whenever we meet someone, we subconsciously tend to behave well, and curtail our thoughts and feelings. Also, most of the times, people just want to hear all the goody-goody things. When the discussions turn serious, they tend to distance themselves. Such people can’t really bond with you.
      What I mean by bonding over demons is that some people like u despite ur flaws. They actually care enough to know what keeps u awake at night, and try to fight it with you.

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