When Love Knocked

For the first time, my house had no walls
I dropped my work and stood in awe of its magnificent self
It was akin to meeting my favorite pop-star in person
Sheer magic.. Though, a pity
it ran out on me one sultry night

When Love decided to revisit, I
was building a fence
picking up the broken pieces of furniture it had last dashed against
it apologized, and, with a hint of uncertanity
I did take it back, only this time
It chose to slap me hard across the face, and stomp out over something so trivial
as me putting my work on the table before it

Yet again, Love shamelessly approached
I already had built up a door
it barged in, pleaded me to let it stay
kissed me on the lips, and
when I was naked and at its mercy
it broke my jaw and left me out to die…

Many years have passed, now, my castle
is stronger than ever, with bullet-proof walls
Now, that bitch of a love will never trick me
for I can not be reached
even if it screams for dear life.


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