Love Craze (Collaboration with Hitman and Instagraham)

This has got to be my first ever collaboration with my fellow art-inclined souls. Never really thought a few words scribbled onto a piece of paper could go ahead and create something so beautiful! Check it out guys! Be sure to leave me feedback in comments below.


If you knew what the answer would be
If you knew how the story unfurls beforehand
If you had the clearest idea of how it would end
If you always knew the plan

Tell me
Would you truly fall for me?
Despite it all?

If you knew we would ultimately end up in pieces
two scarred souls, broken beyond repair

An epiphany of an apocalypse, known only to you…

Would this then be just another love craze?
Or would you still have chosen
to find and Love me instead?

-The Copper Chick


…and Answers

Even if the sun fails to rise
Even if the winds cease to blow

Even if all the birds forget to sing
Even if the rainbows lose their glow

Even if the sky tumbles down
Even if the rivers stop to flow

Even if the mist forgets the dawn
Even if the angels give away their halo

Even if all the answers are known
Even if the story unfurls beforehand

Even if we end up in pieces, completely torn
Even if apocalypse takes this world to an end

Even if I know, tomorrow, there will be nothing new
I will always choose to find you and Love you



‘Not Just Another Love Craze’ by Graham Haehnle a.k.a the Instagraham


Questions… by yours truly. 🙂

…and Answers by Hitman a.k.a ‘Panchi’ Panchal Hitesh Dinesh, a writer by passion and the brain behind this fabulous advertising enterprise Esparanza Advertising . Find more of his work here

Photograph: ‘Not Just Another Love Craze’ by Graham Haehnle a.k.a the Instagraham. He is one amazing photographer who clicks absolutely magical portraits! Also, he got admitted to SCAD Georgia and recently began his college. Wish you all the best Liam! Find more of his work here 


11 thoughts on “Love Craze (Collaboration with Hitman and Instagraham)

    • Thank you for your kind words Archu.
      Yes, its true- we all feel something like it at some point in life.. and lucky are those who have that someone who gives them the right answers and means every word of it. 🙂


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