Snapchat-7853431886622585416Irrationallista is a (seemingly) glamorous name for the tiresome musings and ramblings of The Copper Chick, a 20 something someone who has officially given up on ever managing to understand herself..

Here, she writes about stuff that makes her ROFL, as well as the one responsible for her tear-stained pillows
This is where she  rants out and retains her society-accepted-version of normalcy

The place where she tries to do the one thing she is good at- WRITE. Holding nothing back..
An attempt to contemplate life, in her logic-defying(yep), crazy(yep, heard dt) and stupid(yep, heard dt too!) kinda way..

Go on, take a look. Find some fragment of yourself in the posts, and comment what it makes you feel. I promise I wont judge.. and neither will the world. This is OUR SPACE!! (laughs) 🙂

Tc.. Be Happy


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank you for the kind words Dilip.
    Yes, I do try my best to not judge anyone. Because nobody fights the same permutation-combination of battles, and each one is unique; and deserves to be treated so. A minor attempt at making this world a better place. 🙂

    The Copper Chick


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