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How to be ‘Lover Zone’d


It is your first day at college. You see him from across the room, trying to be discreet but definitely staring at you. You revel in the attention. This isn’t new to you anyway…

You make some new friends, hang out with them, and get introduced to this guy via a common friend. You think he is pretty decent. After a couple of days, you see this guy’s friend request on FB. By now, he is an acquaintance, so you click ‘Accept’.

He likes all of your pictures, comments on your shares and statuses, and you guys spend time chatting online.

One day, he asks for your number. He has become a good friend, so you give him. You guys start chatting on WhatsApp. Daily forwards, images, ‘good morning’ texts. The ‘good night’ ones are actually the conversation starters. When it gets late and you politely excuse yourself, he starts yet another interesting topic, and you guys chat for hours. Continue reading

Happy Women’s Day!!

This Women’s day, let us resolve to be each other’s strength instead of judging and gossiping on one-another’s clothes, looks, achievements and choice of lovers, for we are so much more than that..

Let us also remember that it is not about being better than, or as good as the men we have around us, but rather using our potential to the fullest and leading happy and content lives.

Happy Women’s Day, pretty ladies!! You rock, and how!!



Painting: ‘The Woman in Black’. Water-colour on canvas by Omi




Something the shy people and introverts can really relate to 😉

…So go ahead, tell her/him/it how you feel. Love is meant to be expressed. Don’t let the fear of rejection keep you away from doing what your heart desires. “If you never try, you’ll never know!” 🙂

Disclaimer: The Copper Chick will not be responsible for the flying kisses, or shoes, whichever is due! 😛

Peace Ppl. Stay Blessed.